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What is the 30 day bankruptcy? It’s simple. Once you have paid your bankruptcy fees our office will have your bankruptcy petition prepared and ready for filing within 30 days. How do we do it? Simple. We take the non-attorney staff out of the process. Once you have paid your bankruptcy fees in full we will do the following:

  1. Bankruptcy Fees Paid – you will be given our bankruptcy packet which includes, instructions, questionnaire and document checklist. We have stream-lined the information needed to make it easier for you. We will give you 7-14 days to complete the paperwork and appear in-person, at our office for your initial review.
  2. The Initial Review – you will sit down with an attorney (No, not a non-attorney staff) to review your bankruptcy packet and documents. At that time you will have the opportunity to ask the attorney any questions that you might have with the process. The attorney will answer your questions, give you instructions in the event that you were missing information, and schedule you to come back to the office within 7-14 days for your final review.
  3. The Final Review – here you will sit back down with the attorney and review your final bankruptcy petition. You will also have the opportunity to ask any more questions that you might have. Once the review is complete, you will sign your bankruptcy petition, pay the filing fee, and we will file your bankruptcy. It’s really that simple.

Can Bankruptcy Make Me Money?

Yes. There are a number of ways that bankruptcy may be able to make you money both in the short run and long run. They are:

  1. Our firm will pursue claims against creditors for filing illegal proof of claims in your bankruptcy case. Each successful claim may put money back into your pocket;
  2. Our firm will sue creditors that continue to pursue debts that you discharged in your bankruptcy. This type of post bankruptcy debt collection is known as zombie debt. Every successful suit we bring against a zombie debt collector may put money into your pocket;
  3. Our firm will sue creditors for debt harassment violations against you that occur after we file your bankruptcy. Every successful debt harassment suit we bring on your behalf may put money into your pocket;
  4. Our firm will sue debt collectors that continue to harass you with robocalls after we file your bankruptcy.  Every successful Telephone Consumer protection lawsuit suit we bring on your behalf may put money into your pocket;
  5. Bankruptcy is the first step to long term credit repair for most people. As you credit score improves over the course of 12-24 months after filing your bankruptcy, you should be offered lower interest rates. Lower interest rates puts more money back into your pocket;
  6. Bankruptcy puts you back into the home buying game much quicker then foreclosure. Currently, FHA is qualifying bankruptcy filers for new home loans 4 years after discharge. If you are able to buy a house there is the chance that you can start building equity and wealth again.

Is Bankruptcy the Solution to Your Debt Crisis?

Bankruptcy is a legal process that allows a debtor who owes more money than he or she can repay to either have the debt forgiven or to repay the debt over time. It applies to individuals and couples and it applies to businesses, partnerships and corporations. Bankruptcy provides immediate relief from collection efforts and legal action by creditors, including foreclosure, repossession and garnishing of wages.

People wind up in bankruptcy for many reasons — job loss, health problems, a business downturn or an over-reliance on credit. The law firm of Stamatakis + Thalji + Bonanno provides a free consultation to explore bankruptcy as well as the alternatives. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Tampa Bankruptcy Attorneys

Based in Tampa, Stamatakis + Thalji + Bonanno handles consumer bankruptcy and small business bankruptcy in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties and throughout the State of Florida. Our law practice provides a wide array of solutions for mortgages, unsecured debts, IRS tax problems and consumer rights abuses.

Our experienced lawyers have handled thousands of bankruptcies and foreclosures. We can walk you through your options:

We can determine if you qualify for Chapter 7, and if so, what debts you can discharge and what property you can keep. You may need to file under Chapter 13 if your income exceeds the Chapter 7 criteria, if you have mortgage arrears or if you have nonexempt property not protected in Chapter 7.

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The Benefits of Bankruptcy

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In many cases, bankruptcy is the only option left to save your home from foreclosure or get out from under massive debt. Bankruptcy can also stop creditor actions such as repossession, garnishment or levies. There are many collateral benefits of bankruptcy such as opportunities to “strip” a second mortgage or reduced your car loan and the automatic stay which ends the creditor harassment.

Bankruptcy is not a magical solution to your financial problems. It does not eliminate certain debts such as student loans, recent taxes or child support obligations. However, bankruptcy offers unique protections and a level of debt relief that are not available or guaranteed through the alternatives. You owe it to yourself to get the facts and explore your options.

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President Obama and the U.S. Congress have designated our offices a Federal Debt Relief Agency because we help people file for bankruptcy. See our frequently asked questions and bankruptcy timeline pages for more background about the pros, cons and applications of bankruptcy. To discuss your specific circumstances and all the ways Stamatakis + Thalji + Bonanno can help, call us at 866-479-6946 or contact us online.


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