Legal Resources for Debtors

We understand that good, hard-working people get into debt, through death or divorce, through injury or medical problems, through job loss or simply getting in over their heads with credit cards.  It can be difficult and confusing and legal resources are rarely available to people.  Stamatakis + Thalji + Bonanno has created a legal resources center to help you.  You can learn about the services we provide, your rights as a consumer, information about lending, answers to the most common questions we hear, and more. Our attorneys handle all debtor related matters including foreclosure defense, bankruptcy, collections defense, debt settlement, real estate, wage garnishment, repossession, credit repair, sinkholes, and more. Our attorneys are experienced and love what they do. Initial consultations are always free.

Best Legal Resources

The best legal resources that any person can find is a free consultation with an experienced attorney. Don’t take advice from friends or family that aren’t attorneys. At the very least, take advantage of our free legal resources before you take the advice of people that don’t practice law and really don’t have a clue. All of our attorneys received their undergraduate degrees, spent three years obtaining their law degrees, and have all worked lawyers for more than ten years gaining experience working for large private firms and government agencies. Contact us for a free consultation today at 877-479-6946.

Tampa Bankruptcy, Consumer Protection and Debt Relief Lawyers

Stamatakis + Thalji + Bonanno offers a free half-hour consultation with an attorney to find out where you stand, to explore your options and to help you take action to protect your home, your property, your family and your future. Contact Us Today!