Bankruptcy Will Stop Creditor Harassment and Harassing Phone Calls

Bankruptcy immediately and automatically protects you from creditors. The credit card companies, collection agencies and other bill collectors must cease any collection efforts and legal actions as soon as they are notified that you have sought debtor protection. All creditor harassment will stop.

Putting a stop to the harassing phone calls and threatening letters puts an end to the constant stress and disruption. Under penalty of federal law, creditors and third-party collection agents must leave you alone.

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The Automatic Stay and Creditor Harassment

On the day your bankruptcy petition is filed, you are officially under the protection of the Bankruptcy Court through the automatic stay. All crediotr harassment will stop. Any legal action must stop, including home foreclosure or actions against your accounts or property such as garnishment, levies or repossession.

Creditors must cease and desist all contact and collection efforts:

  • They cannot call your home regarding your debt.
  • They cannot contact your family members or employer to locate you or shame you into paying debts.
  • They cannot threaten lawsuits, legal action or retaliation.
  • They cannot subject you to verbal threats or profanity for filing bankruptcy.
  • They must halt any legal actions already under way.

The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) allows for stiff monetary penalties against aggressive collection agencies that violate the automatic stay of bankruptcy. We practice only in debtor solutions and consumer protection law, and we have successfully sued creditors and bill collectors under the FDCPA.

Tampa Creditor Harassment Attorneys

Bankruptcy may or may not be the answer to your problems. Our knowledgeable lawyers will explain and explore all your creditor harassment options. If you do file for bankruptcy, we will enforce your debtors’ rights to stop creditor harassment. We take cases in Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties and throughout Florida.

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