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Our attorneys provide mortgage foreclosure defense, bankruptcy, credit card and collections defense, debt settlement, and tax settlement services. Our firm takes pride in providing consumers with excellent and affordable legal representation. Our attorneys work to provide you options for dealing with your mortgage foreclosure, mortgage payments, bankruptcy issues, past due and current credit card debt, as well as medical bills, outstanding loans, automobile payments, repossessions, or past due taxes. Our  attorneys focus exclusively on debtors’ rights, consumer protection, and consumer advocacy. Our attorneys have handled thousands of foreclosure, bankruptcy, collections and credit card cases. Our attorneys have also saved our clients millions of dollars in the form of negotiated debt settlement.

If you gave consulted with another attorney or firm that is charging you the same or more then your normal mortgage payment to represent you the you are paying too much. Our firm offers our clients affordable representation. Our firm also offers a number of diverse services to our clients. Our attorneys will always give you the best options, whether that means simply providing foreclosure defense, quickly filing bankruptcy, or settling credit card debt. Unlike most firms, our diverse and skilled attorneys provide all of the services that you may need so we will not steer you in a particular direction to benefit the firm. Our attorneys will always give you your best options and let you make the final decision.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation to explore your rights, defenses and options in foreclosure defense, bankruptcy, business reorganization, collections and credit card defense and debt settlement, tax settlement, or remedies for violations of collections harassment. We solve these problems every day to give people relief from creditors and a fresh financial start while providing effective and affordable legal representation.

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